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2013 musical at the rose theatre Kidderminster




Principals auditions for 'Guys & Dolls' were held on Tuesday 18th June at New Meeting Hall, Chuch Street where we rehearse every Tuesday night at 7:30pm

The chosen cast list is as follows :-

Sky Masterson...........Doug Forrester
Sarah Brown.............Sarah Richards
Nathan Detroit..........Dave Clarke
Miss Adelaide............Wendy Richards
Nicely Nicely ............Chris Paine
Benny Southstreet....Kevin Wrench
Harry the Horse........Tom Paine
Big Jule....................Darren Richards
General Cartwright....Melanie Greenfield
Arvide Abernathy......Dave Short
Lt. Brannigan............Frank Bonney

Perhaps you might be interested in
joining our show chorus!? If so please
come along -
you will be made most welcome!!!

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Principals rehearsals are generally held
on most Fridays throughout the summer
subject to holiday commitments.

Details will be announced throughout the season by the show director.

  Show Executives :-

Musical Director Director Choreography

 Barry Hipkiss Darren Richards Kat Knight &
Wendy Richards

Guys & Dolls is a classic fifties musical, written in its entirety by Frank Loesser.
No need to question the pedigree of this show -
within a few years it was an awards winning film starring
Marlon Brando & Frank Sinatra

The Storyline:-

New York, New York, its the city that never sleeps; and within it all, human life.
From the news seller to the chorus girl; from the gambler to the missionary - all of them caught up in the teeming vitality of the city streets.

All of the hot gamblers are in town and they're all depending on Nathan Detroit to set up this week's incarnation of "The Oldest Established Floating Crap Game in New York". The only problem is he needs $1000 to get the place !

Then throw in Sarah Brown whose short on sinners at the mission she runs;
Sky Masterson, who accepts Nathan's $1000 bet that he can't get sarah Brown to go with him to Havana; Miss Adelaide, who wants Nathan to marry her and
police lieutenant Brannigan, who always seems to appear at the wrong time.

Put the lot together and set it to the music & lyrics of Frank Loesser and you've got quite some musical - and quite some story !

You'll have no problem recognising the songs either :-

Luck be a Lady Tonight, Sit Down you're Rocking the Boat

I've never been in love before, A Woman in Love

Adelaide's Lament, Fugue for Tinhorns

and , of course, Guys & Dolls !!!

So make sure you go
to see a damn good show ! ! !